NoMI- My Fave Brunch in Chi-town


If only I could have brunch at NoMI every Sunday.  Seriously.  It’s fantastic.  I’d been once before the remodel and it was wonderful so I was hoping the food hadn’t changed with the interior.  It hadn’t.

One thing to know before brunching at NoMI is that one needs a good 2 hours to do it correctly.  I mean, you could do it in less time, but who would want to?  There is such a gorgeous variety of foods to taste that multiple courses are in order: like five…at least.



First stop: seafood bar.  Raw oysters, sushi, crab & shrimp cocktail!  Oh my!

NoMi Chicago

NoMi Chicago


Perhaps even better than that, for me anyway, is the next table: loaded with charcuterie, cheese, olives and accompaniments.  I mean, is there anything better than prosciutto and fresh figs?  Or a strong blue, marcona almonds and cherry compote?  The charred bread alone was enough to make me sigh.  So simple, so perfect.


NoMi Chicago

NoMi Chicago


I have to say, even though the salad spread looked lovely, I didn’t give it much attention.  The couscous, almond, goat cheese, apricot mix was delicious, as was the light vinaigrette drizzle over some beautiful mixed greens.  I skipped the EVOO poached salmon and farro and the duck breast though both were approved by the second taster at the table.


NoMi Chicago


Then there was a hot line filled with “brunch-y” items: bacon and sausage, scrambled eggs, etc.  The winner for me was the savory bread pudding with smoky sausage, arugula and cheese.  Yeah, mama!  It was fab!  I could have easily hit it up for seconds.  Soft, toasty, egg-y, smoky, cheese-y…mmmm…  The caramelized apple cake would have probably felt more comfortable over on the dessert table with the rest of his sweet friends but he somehow ended up here.  Delicious, but I was afraid my teeth would fall out if I took another bite.


NoMi Chicago


Then our “entrée” arrived that we’d selected from the menu when we first sat down.  They were both good but not nearly as entertaining as the spread from which we’d been picking for the last hour.  The bacon and arugula benny with mustard hollandaise was a bit rich for me.  One bite was enough.  Very properly prepared, however, it was still too much.


NoMi Chicago


Soft scrambled eggs with raw shaved asparagus and truffle oil was nice but we didn’t clean that plate either.


NoMi Chicago


Then there was dessert!  Ummm… Ok.  What was a person supposed to do when faced with 10 mini desserts AND a gigantic cinnamon roll?!  One of each was the only logical answer.


NoMi Chicago


Here’s what we had to taste:  lemon curd parfait (yum!), chocolate ganache tart, lemon angel food cake with blueberry compote, white chocolate croissant “bread” pudding, sweet cream cheese filled pastry, and the most glorious, massive cinnamon roll on the planet (which we nearly devoured).


NoMi Chicago


Hell’uv’a Sunday brunch buffet, I’d say!

This may go without saying but the service was great.  We never wanted for anything and they even offered to take our picture.

The space has just been remodeled to a more modern feel.  The white tablecloths and Venetian glass chandeliers are no more.  It’s a different kind of elegance now: a more hip one.  Still lovely.

Overall:  Recommend!  Recommend!


The Short Version (Out of 10)…

Food:  9

Service:  9

Ambiance:  10 (excellent view!)

Overall impression:  9.5

Would I go back?

Yes!  I highly recommend brunch and I’ve heard the new simplified dinner menu is right on, too!  Can’t wait to give that a go.

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