Allium’s Opening Party at the Four Seasons

Last night we got to hit up the opening party at Allium.  There was a restaurant in the Four Seasons before called Seasons, but they’ve recently re-concepted to a more hip and approachable place.  I think they wanted to make it less stuffy and more fun.  They’ve succeeded at both.

The food seems a little more up Chef Kevin Hickey’s alley.  It’s comfort food, elevated.  The regular menu has things like lamb agnolotti, smoked turkey neck soup and braised pork flatbread (that’s to say, fancy pasta, chicken soup and pizza… comfort all around).  He showed us the same fab flavors in little packages last night with the hors d’oeuvres.

Here’s what we had:

You can’t tell that this is small, but it is.  It’s a slider… with a teeny fried quail egg and a teeny onion ring.  No disappointment ever comes from a burger outta this guy…

Allium, Four Seasons, Chicago

He went for a mini dog, too, with some pickled veg and onions on really good bread.  The dog itself was one of the most flavorful I’ve ever had.  Apparently there’s a big version on the menu.  I’d do it.

Allium, Four Seasons, Chicago

I’m sure boudin blanc with blood sausage grits is comfort food somewhere.  It sure tasted like it.  White sausage and grits?  Yum!

Allium, Four Seasons, Chicago

And this little morsel only confirmed the fact that there was nary a woman to be found near that kitchen.  Even the delicate food became man food with this deep fried crab fritter and its lobster & caviar mayo dipping sauce.  Delicious… but my can is glad they were all small :).

Allium, Four Seasons, Chicago

The DJ was playing good, fun music and I even saw someone take a digger right there in the middle of the party.  Yup, I think they’re successfully changing the image all around.  I’ll definitely be back.

Allium, Four Seasons, Chicago

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