Me N Takashi- “Foodies” Segment at Slurping Turtle

Takashi Yagihashi is the sweetest man ever.  But that’s not why you should get your butts to Slurping Turtle.  His food is just plain fab.  I love that it’s nothing super crazy or creative that makes it good.  He’s simply cooking his kind of food.  It’s like an Italian grandma making pasta…

except, Japanese :).

Unfortunately, this is only the first half of the show.  During the second half, Takashi makes one of his noodle soups which are absolutely delicious.

Check it out…


He didn’t have to remember me (from the shoot we did at Takashi, his other resto) but he did.  I mean… the man is a badass.  He was just on Iron Chef (battle: egg, where he lost to Michael Symon.  Total BS).  I’m totally flattered.

Slurping Turtle, Chicago


He even sent me off with a party favor:  this adorable little noodle soup keychain.  I love it!  It even has the nori and fish cake in it!    (I know, I’m ridiculous.)
Slurping Turtle, Chicago


Anyway, the point is, Slurping Turtle is definitely on the list of wonderful places to eat in Chicago.  So go.


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