Maude’s Liquor Bar – My Go-To…

I finally have pictures that do justice to Maude’s food.  There aren’t many but you’ll get the idea.

I love Maude’s.  They do such delicious food.  My first impression was that I couldn’t go back often due to the heavy nature of French cuisine.  I’ve since changed my mind.  Yes, there are heavy French classics on the menu like cassoulet, pates, sausages & escargot swimming in butter.  However, they also understand what I consider to be the most important part of a restaurant’s menu:  balance.  And by that I mean, there are lighter options, as well, like a shaved vegetable salad (see below), chilled seafood towers, and roasted chicken.  Not to mention their fabulous cocktail program in which they partake in the trend, and execute much better than most, of prohibition era cocktails.  (The Corpse Reviver #2 is one of my faves.)

This is the shaved veg salad with blue and walnuts. It was deceptively delicious.  A wonderful balance of acid in the dressing, the crisp freshness of the many veg, a saltiness from the blue and nuttiness from the…well… nuts.  (My mouth just watered remembering it.  Really.)

Maude's Liquor Bar

These lentils were absolutely TO DIE FOR.  I know… you’re thinking “braised lentils… so what?”  No.  I’m not kidding… probably the best lentils of my life.  Perfectly tender yet not overcooked, warm but tossed in a vinaigrette (that was probably made with some of the bacon fat) for a little tang.  They were complex and deep and bright all at the same time.

Maude's Liquor Bar

And then there’s the chicken liver mousse.  I’m a sucker for good chicken liver mousse… and this one is GOOD.  So creamy and rich and smooth with a little background flavor of what I’d guess to be from Cognac.  It’s served with a sweet and deep shallot marmalade and perfectly charred, thick cut, crispy-yet-still-chewy toast.  Perfect.

Maude's Liquor Bar

Here’s a less beautiful picture of some oysters on ice just let you know that Maude’s doesn’t mess around when it comes to chilled seafood, too.  I don’t know why I look mad here.  I was having a great time, I promise :) .

Maude's Liquor Bar




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