Remember Michael’s Perfect Pasta? Now it’s at Perla.

When I was in NYC a few weeks back, I got the chance to (over) eat at Michael Toscano’s new restaurant, Perla.  Remember Michael?  He’s the one who was the Sous at Babbo then opened Manzo in Eataly as Exec Chef.  Now he’s opened his own place.  And it is every bit as glorious as one would imagine.

Here’s what we ate:

This was a special.  Foie gras tramezzino with cherry jam and pistachio spread.  SO.  EFFING.  AMAZING.  Like the most glorious, unctuous, pb&j you’ve ever had.  But foie gras instead.  Which makes everything better.

Perla, NYC

Prosciutto & Melon.  A classic, but delicious every time.  I couldn’t stop eating the paper thin prosciutto with ripe melon even though I knew we had plenty more coming.

Perla, NYC

Charred octopus with braised tomatoes, eggplant and crispy bread.  Just look at that char!  I’m such a sucker for well prepared octopus!

Perla, NYC

Summer green beans, patty pan squash, artichokes & olives with ricotta.  It was my attempt at eating vegetables.  Quite tasty.

Perla, NYC

A spicy braised calamari.  Tender and hot!

Perla, NYC

Now for said perfect pasta.  This one was fazzoletti (handkerchieves) with chantrelle mushrooms and garlic chives.    Rich and delicious with the perfect bite on the sheeted pasta.  Fab.Perla, NYC

Handmade spaghetti with rock shrimp, tomatoes and basil.  Sounds simple, right?  Well that’s when you know who you’re dealing with.  When someone can make something so simple THAT delicious, you know he’s serious.  And Michael is SERIOUS.  This is a MUST!Perla, NYC

As if we needed anything else… A steak… with tongue… and cheek… and a bone marrow agrodolce…and potatoes… and greens.  Did I mention that Michael is serious?  I surrender!Perla, NYC

Well…. we went back a couple of days later for brunch.  What can I say?  The man can cook for me over and over.

The prawns with fregola were lovely and light.

Perla, NYC

And they make a mean pizza, too!  Thin crust, more Roman-style, with mushrooms and a gooey egg.  Excellent!

Perla, NYC

In conclusion, if you’re going to NYC, eat here.  You won’t be disappointed!

Perla, NYC

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