Antique Taco- Holy Delicious Tacos, Batman!

No, seriously.  These tacos are FANTASTIC.  Obviously, we’re not talking about your run-of-the-mill Mexican tacos.  These tacos are modern and thoughtful and complex and interesting.  They’re on fresh, handmade tortillas which makes a HUGE difference.  And they’re amazing.  Did I mention that yet?

We had 2 types.  First, Market Mushrooms with Garlicky Kale, Pickled Escabeche (Cauliflower) & Cilantro Cream.  It was a lovely balance of acid and garlic and freshness and depth.  Really wonderful.

Antique Taco, Chicago

Antique Taco

Next we had Sweet & Spicy Chicken with Cucumber and Jalapeno Pickle, Honey Yogurt & Purple Onion.  Also fab.  This one I found to be sweet and cool and spicy and spiced.  Also complex and interesting but in the end, most importantly, delicious!

Antique Taco, Chicago

Antique Taco

I’ll definitely be going back for more of these tasty little babies.  You should, too!

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