Covo Gyro Market- Like Chipotle, But Greek

I hit up Covo Gyro Market for lunch last week.  I really liked it.  They make almost everything in-house from the pita to the yogurt.

Here’s how it works:

1)  Choose your style:  regular pita, mini pita or salad

2)  Choose your meat:  pork, chicken or lamb/beef combo

3) Choose your toppings:  like onions, scallions, cucumber, feta, olives, capers

4) Choose your sauce:  Tzatziki or the Covo Sauce

Covo Gyro Market

I chose to do 2 mini pitas so I could try more stuff, of course.   I had the lamb/beef with capers, olives and covo sauce as well as chicken with cucumber, feta, scallions and tzatiki.

Both were excellent.

Covo Gyro Market

I love that they make their pita in-house and you can see the meat slow roasting right in front of you.  Everything is super fresh.

Covo Gyro Market

The yogurt is super thick and flavorful, especially with the candied walnuts and blueberries.  (I took the leftover home and ate it with sliced pears and honey for breakfast the next day.  Also delicious.)  Apparently they also have a few sides including fries that can be “made Greek” with the addition of feta, lemon and oregano.  I didn’t have them but it sounds pretty yummy to me!

Covo Gyro Market

And they have a great little quickserve system and a cool, casual place to sit and eat.

Covo Gyro Market

I’ll definitely go back to Covo.  If you’re hangin’ around on Division St during lunchtime, check it out.

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