Dragon Ranch Moonshine & BBQ…$10 off of Brunch!


I haven’t been to the new weekend brunch at Dragon Ranch yet, but after reading the menu, I’m going…soon (and soon as in I’ve already made the reservation)!  Who knew what the team would do when they got ahold of brunch.  Their general concept is unlike any I’ve seen.  They combine American BBQ on the same menu with Asian BBQ/ingredients.  At dinner you can find smoked brisket and mac n cheese along with ramen, steamed buns & bahn mi.  Crazy huh?

They’re working brunch in the same style.  Thai Eggs Benedict is with Thai spiced sausage, sautéed greens and red coconut curry hollandaise.  Yes, please.

Dragon Ranch, Chicago


Shrimp and grits are equally enticing with buttermilk fried shrimp and shishito peppers (you can add a fried duck egg to almost anything on the menu).


Dragon Ranch, Chicago


Most exciting of all is the Bloody Mary Bar where you can concoct your own secret recipe using all the fixins’ like salami, cheese, olives and a zillion different kinds of hot sauce.  (And how cute are the little pig dishes?)  Check it out:


The whole menu is really amazing.  You can see the entire thing, including brunch and cocktails (moonshine included!) here.

Print this coupon and take it with you for $10 off.   Sounds like a deal to me!

Dragon Ranch, Chicago



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